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Top Master competition was created in the U.K. and has been set up in 2018 by Aleksandra Rodgers. This competition is all about skill and creativity.
The concept behind this new competition is simple – it prides itself on being a non-biased forum where products and brands have no bearing on the placing of a competitor.


Top Master Competition is an international competition where The Masters of the whole world have the opportunity to take part in its 1st Edition, an online contest – ONLINE TOP MASTER


To receive the Title of ‘Top Master’ would be a great opportunity to get unique international competitive experience and approvement.
Receiving a Top Master award will allow you to stand out from the crowd as an award winning Nail Tech and help to boost your business and professional credibility.
TOP MASTER aim to make it fair for competitors so they can use any system or brand that relates to the category, skill and expertise they have entred into.


Competitors names will to be kept anonymous during each competition and judging, so that each competitor, regardless of skill level, will be judged exactly the same in each Division.
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Due to the large amount of requests asking for extra time to prepare and create your amazing designs, we have decided to extend the deadline date for entries to help you achieve the results you desire.


Categories and competitions will stay the same

Open for Entries until 29.02.20
Judging will start 1.03.19- 31.03.20
Results announced in April

We look forward to seeing the amazing results of everyones work.

NTM Team


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We are an exciting new competition introducing new ideas, principles and rules to the world of U.K. nail competitions. We are accepting entries from all over world so competition standards will be high, securing the involvement of a recognised worldwide judging panel making us completely transparent.

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Proof of enrolment required, actively attending a college, or if attended a private training school you are entering within 6 months of the course date.


Qualified nail technician, working in the industry upto 2 years.


You have Won a competion before in the Category you have entred, or working in the industry more than 2 years.